The Space themed Strategy Game

A delightful space themed strategy game for the whole family,
as well as for more advanced gamers.

Τwinkle Coming soon
Twinkle, the boundless universe comes to your table as you construct your own constellation.


Coming soon in KICKSTARTER!
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Spining Maze

Spinning Maze

2021 Release.
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DAEDALUS MAZE A highly addictive and adventurous game that requires ingenuity and strategic skills
DAEDALUS MAZE The Spinning Labyrinth game

Daedalus Maze

The Spinning Labyrinth Game.
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Resin dice in the blender,
Twinkle is progressing and more to come!

Greetings V-Gamers, time for our new update and the current progress on Twinkle!1. Custom resin dice sets:Sampling of the resin dice was completed during our…

Final dice samples, production progress, VAT & pledge manager!

Hi everyone, we are hoping you had a great time during the holidays period but now its time for a proper update, so let's begin…

Join the designer of Twinkle live on Twitch!

Theo Karvounis, the designer of Twinkle will join Mark from Tabletopia on Tabletopia’s channel on Twitch. This episode will include a mini interview of the…