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Greetings V-Gamers,
time for our new update and the current progress on Twinkle!

1. Custom resin dice sets:

Sampling of the resin dice was completed during our campaign therefore the only thing left, was to start the production. After we closed our pledge manager (mid-March) we talked with the dice manufacturer and we gave our final order for these custom dice sets. The specific factory is specialized in custom dice mostly, resin, iron, acrylic custom dice. We keep a weekly communication with the dice manufacturer in order to get updates and watch carefully this production.
The folks from the factory were kind enough to send us some photos during the making process of the resin dice. These dice are not yet finished. They still.

2. Twinkle in the making…

After completing all printing files and making several sample tests, we have finalized all preparations and we did the final order to the board game manufacturer.
One of the boxed elements we had to be very careful, was the plastic tray insert, how it will be designed in order to fit nicely all game components and especially to fit the cards (sleeved) without creating any problems to the rest components. The assistance from the manufacturer was quite useful in order to make this right and move to the next step without any issues.

In the next few weeks, we will receive more photo material including, pouches, dice trays and the rest items. We will post another update at that point.

As we already mentioned the pledge manager closed around mid-March. We have contacted everyone who did not completed the PM and our list that includes the complete pledges has seen finalized at most, very few backers left to reply back to our reminders.

Keep in mind that we have updated all rulesets on our website Twinkle and on BGG.

Do not forget that you can always try out Twinkle on Tabletopia. Create a table, invite your friends and enjoy the game!