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Essen Spiel is going live in three days and we are so excited to join this great event. Here are some tips how you can find our booth, how we can chat online, play online and more:

As a visitor you can visit the digital essen free, at no cost. You simple go here: Digital Essen Spiel

You will be able to search the games you are interested in, by applying the different filters that are available. Twinkle is already listed as an upcoming release, and aside that, you will be able to find in our online shop some of the best V-Cubes that are available. We remind you that the game is not available yet. We will launch our Kickstarter campaign on December 1 and the game will be available during Q1 2021. We will demo Twinkle during Essen days so that’s a chance to learn more about V Games and Twinkle. The designer of the game Theo Karvounis will join us these 4 days! Once you visit our booth you will be able to watch reviews and previews of Twinkle, learn news about the company, sea products of V Cubes and more.

As we posted previously Twinkle is available on Tabletopia: Twinkle on Tabletopia
For those who are not familiar, Tabletopia is a digital sandbox system for playing board games with no AI to enforce the rules. Just read the rulebook, choose a seat at the virtual table, and let the game begin! Please note that Tabletopia has an application available free from Steam. We suggest you to download the application since it will run better on your pc, or tablet etc. You can find the app here: Tabletopia App
Please note that you can actually play directly from the site of Tabletopia but we suggest to download the app cause is running better.

How we will demo Twinkle? How can we chat online?
All the above will take place via Discord. On Discord we can talk online, chat, share screens, live stream. Is easy to navigate and you can learn how it works quickly. Download the app of Discord and find us here: V Games Discord

The link above will lead you to our server called V Games. You can actually join us at any time.

Demoing Twinkle: Our team and the designer of the game will be available during the Essen days to demo or play the game with you.
Demo will be easy as we will be connected with Tabletopia and we will actually live streaming while we will talk to you via the voice channels we have created in our server. Our host will be there to give you guidelines once you join us on Discord.