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First review for Tranglar comes from GamingBlog SpinLi just few days after Spiel 21′! Please note that the text has been translated in English since the original review is written in Dutch and can be found > HERE


The game that started our Essen tour this year, not that is decisive, but it is an extra pigment.

This is a very aggressive 2 player, you must constantly keep an eye on your opponent’s playing pieces.

Not only can you surround and turn the other player’s pieces to make it yours, but you can also attack pieces if you can do this with 2 smaller pieces of yours.

The neutral pieces will land slightly differently on the board each time, useful pieces to protect yourself or try to shield areas somehow and prevent your opponent from covering more area on the board.

The quality of the material is very good, the playing pieces and the chosen colors are fine.

The rules of the game are well and clearly written, they read very fluently.

There is a huge margin for growth in this game, feel free to compare it to Go or chess in that respect.

The game will also be submitted to Mensa.

The placement rules are very easy; you can place your game pieces anywhere on free spaces on the board. In that regard, you should not memorize too much.



There are some possibilities in this game, you must cram them into your memory first, otherwise you will be constantly caught by your opponent.

This can really be a brain-burner if you take it seriously… and you should.

We think the box is less cool, we prefer the standard box with lid.

The rules are clear, but if you’re playing in your first sessions, you’re going to make some mistakes (we certainly did).



Readers of this blog will know that I have a soft spot for these kinds of abstract games. However, these readers also know that I’m ridiculously bad at it and feel stupid playing something like that. But for some masochistic reason I continue to play such games and really appreciate them. And that is also the case with this Tranglar.

What makes Tranglar unique in its genre is that it is not only a shuffling of playing pieces, it is not only puzzling, but there is also a lot of aggression involved. You can enclose an opponent and even attack and take over the pieces. The game can really turn in a player’s favor from one moment to the next, but just as easily go up in smoke after that turn. The game seems very well balanced to me, provided the players reach the same level.

During the first games you really must get used to the shape of the playing pieces and the various possibilities that the game offers. But soon you have this in your head and then the battle is open. The possibilities are huge in my eyes, and you always see a gap to get back into the game. But the best player will win here anyway, rest assured. Unexpectedly found to be very good!

A big thanks to GamingBlog SpinLi for their review!

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