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Dear game designer,
Before you send us your game idea, please read carefully the following instructions:

1) Make sure that you have playtest your game several times. It’s really important for you to know that we are looking for well developed games, with solid gameplay and well structured rules. Just a good idea without any development background has slim chances to be approved.

2) Check that your game is what we need. Currently, we are looking for light board games with the following characteristics:

  • They should have something unique in the mechanics. Research and ensure that there are no identical games in the market.
  • They can also be played with more than 2 players.
  • Their duration should not last more than 30-40 minutes, even with 4 or more players.
  • The target audience should be 8 years old or more.

No other restrictions. We are interested in any category, theme or mechanics.

3) Make a video or a sell sheet*. At first, we would just like to get a glimpse from your game, so we can tell you immediately if we are interested in your idea – we will not let you wait for weeks or months.

They should contain all the important information we are looking for, (number of players, age, duration), and should briefly explain what is the objective of the game and how a turn in a game looks like. If you have already made a “how to play” video explaining all the rules of the game, it would still work.

If you get a positive answer, afterwards, you will be asked to submit to us the rulebook of your game.

Your prototype ideas are your intellectual property and V-Games will never share any information with anyone.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your prototype game to V-Games!

*If you don’t know what a sell sheet is, please visit the following link: