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Hi everyone,
we are hoping you had a great time during the holidays period but now its time for a proper update, so let’s begin 🙂


Few days ago, we received the final samples of our custom resin polyhedral dice from the manufacturer and it has been a wonderful surprise as the final dice look exactly as we expected. The manufacturer has done an outstanding job and now we are preparing the production. The final order will be given late February since the manufacturers will close for the Chinese New Year and will return back late February. Below you will see the dice sets as we took some close photos. Enjoy them!


The printing files have been finalized and edited and have been sent to the manufacturer for setting them up and prepare the production templates. The production will begin at the same time as the special resin dice after the Chinese New Year holidays. The manufacturer we have chosen is an experienced one within the board games area for a long time. Moreover the samples we have received are ensuring that the final game that we will deliver will be of high quality. Production is expected to take around 2+1/2 months including assembling and packing.

3. VAT Fees

We have received several emails/pm regarding possible extra fees in the pledge manager because of VAT.
As we have communicated during the campaign the pledges prices have been already calculated taking under consideration all European Union Tax Laws. Thus, we won’t charge any additional fees on top of your pledge. Only the shipping cost will be charged additionally and will be collected during the pledge manager duration.

4. Pledge Manager

The pledge manager will go live around at the end of the month. We are developing it on our official website. Once it goes live we will send a message to each one of you so you can join us. In the pledge manager you will be able to upgrade your pledge if you want and/or add any add on items. Those who chose a supporting level will also be able to join our manager and choose their favorite pledge.
and as said … each backer will be able to choose an additional unique gift…
Today we can reveal that the gift will be a puzzle board-game! This means that each backer of this campaign will receive 2 board games!

Stay tuned as more will be posted soon!